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Our Services

Nursing Home/Chronic Care Medicaid

Island Medicaid will assist you in applying for Nursing Home Medicaid. Help in obtaining all resources for the five year look back. We will help you navigate the difficult system to reduce or eliminate any period of ineligibility. Island Medicaid will assist with P.R.I's and finding the proper Nursing Home placement for your loved one.        

Community Medicaid 

Island Medicaid will assist you in Community Medicaid . We will help you protect your assets and resources to make the applicant Medicaid eligible. After the Medicaid application is completed, Island Medicaid will assist you in getting into an MLTC (Managed Long Term Care Program) to get Home Health Aide Services in place to allow a person to stay home with the proper care. 

Assisted Living

Island Medicaid can help you find an assisted living right for you. We work closely with both private and Medicaid facilities.

    Pooled Income            Trust      

Island Medicaid will help you protect your excess income with a New York State Pooled Income Trust. We work closely with many Pool Income Trust companies to ensure your resources are protected. This allows people who would not normally qualify for public benefits the opportunity to participate in Medicaid funding programs.

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